Blue Mountains of Australia: A visit to a bit of heaven

Camille Bounds

Shangri La in the Blue Mountains
Just a 90-minute drive west of Sydney is a place of unexpected luxury and adventure.
The glorious Lillianfels Blue Mountain Resort and Spa is a multi-award winning European style country house that sits in a setting of two acres of English style gardens with spectacular mountain views.
This historic 85-room enchanted piece of heaven is the epitome of class and luxury without being stuffy.
Built by Sir Frederick Darley in 1888, the original residence now houses the exclusive Darley’s Restaurant famous for its extensive wine list and the ultimate in modern Australian cuisine.
The roasted “Junee Lamb” is a gastronomic delight. For details, visit
The glorious Blue Mountains
Lillanfels sits adjacent to the Three Sisters monument in the “World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park.” The Three Sisters is a giant rock formation near Echo-Point that takes its name from an Aboriginal legend. One version tells of a tribal leader who turned his daughters to stone rather than risk their being carried away by raiding enemies. As the fates would have it, he was killed in battle and could not reverse the spell.
The Worlds Heritage National Park stands 35,000-plus feet high and was once the bed of an ancient sea. After eons of wind and water a high plateau formed into the remarkable area of caves, canyons and cliffs that exists today.
The pure mountain air and the dense forests make this area a wondrous land to be explored and enjoyed.
The mountains distinguishing blue coloring are caused by the evaporation of oil from the dense eucalyptus forests. This disperses light into blue colors of the spectrum, hence The Blue Mountains.
An enlightened place and an enlightened man
Here’s where you should find a very special man named Tim Tranter from “Tread Lightly Eco Tours.” If you want to take the most enlightening tour of your life, he is the man. With more than 50 years of experience in the area, he is human encyclopedia on the subject of The Blue Mountains. He and his staff lead guided bushwalks, astronomy tours of the night sky and night tours. “Tread Lightly Eco Tours” has a unique style of touring; clients are provided with a sensory experience while experiencing the best of the regions natural environment through nature base touring.
Clients can find themselves in a rainforest full of glow worms or halfway through a night tour when the group stops for appetizers and Champagne, served by a charming butler who pours by green light sticks that the group is carrying. Clients can visit some of the oldest rainforests, tallest waterfalls and deepest canyons in the World Heritage area, offering great photographic opportunities while learning about local history and Aboriginal culture. This is a must see and do adventure. For reservations and information visit

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