Sierra’s mother releases Mother’s Day statement

Marlene LaMar talks about the search efforts with volunteers Doug Tollis, Shane Barcus and Dave Uribe at Burnett Elementary School Saturday. 

Marlene LaMar, the mother of missing teen Sierra LaMar, released a statement today about the joys of being mother.

It reads:

“Mother’s Day is a time of reflection on what being a mom has brought to your life. Being a mom has been the greatest joy of my life. From the moment knew that a little life was growing inside me, there was an overwhelming need to protect and nurture my child.

“It’s not always an easy job. A child develops ideas of their own. Sometimes a mom might disagree because of personal experiences and wisdom. We hover, discipline and teach them to be responsible. We do these things because of our unconditional love for our children!

“I hope as mothers, we guide them to make good choices. Sierra is my miracle baby. I was told that because of my age, the likelihood of getting pregnant was slim. I knew she was going to be strong-willed the moment the doctor saw on the ultrasound that she was doing somersaults in utero.

“Regardless of the work it takes to raise children, the overwhelming love far outweighs those moments that you wonder how you’ll even make it through.

“The greatest gift that God has blessed me with is the joy of being a mom to two beautiful daughters. I love you Danielle and Sierra and I’m so proud to be you mom.”

Sierra, a 15-year-old sophomore at Sobrato High School and a cheerleader for the Black Diamond Elite club squad in San Jose, was reported missing March 16. Police think she was kidnapped as she was walking to her normal school bus stop near Palm and Dougherty avenues, about a quarter-mile from her north Morgan Hill home.

Tonight at 9 p.m. on the Lifetime network, the television show “America’s Most Wanted” will air a segment on Sierra. A producer and crew from the show were in Morgan Hill in late April shooting interviews with Sierra’s parents, as well as other footage for the show.

The KlaasKids Foundation and the family and friends of Sierra LaMar continue to organize volunteer search efforts to find the missing Sobrato student. The next search takes place beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, at Burnett Elementary School, 85 Tilton Ave.


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