Council to talk increasing landscaping services on Monday

City Council is gearing up for their meeting Monday night, where they will discuss a $115,000 budget amendment from the general fund to go toward landscape maintenance that will maintain Gilroy Sports Park at the southern edge of the city, which hasn’t been maintained by the city since 2009.
The total amount for the landscape contract from Valley Crest Landscape Maintenance is $577,094 and includes service to other areas that haven’t been maintained during the past few years.
• Council also will vote to approve two city construction projects: a 60-unit housing project on Monterey Street near Eleventh Street, and a 260 room hotel project on Leavesley Road and Forest Street.
• Also on Monday, Council will vote on the proposed subcommittee for the sign ordinance revision. Tentative councilmembers on the subcommittee are Councilman Dion Bracco and Councilman Peter Arellano. Other members of the subcommittee are to representatives from local businesses, real estate and a Planning Commission member.
• Council also plans to review the third quarter budget. Also on the topic of money, staff has recommended that council approves a $300,000 budget amendment for the initial funding to implement a new General Plan for the city, which encompasses all city goals. The General Plan hasn’t been looked at since 2002, and city staff thinks it should be updated to reflect current city issues.

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