From Gilroy to greatness: Where are they now?

Garett Collins

Maybe it wasn’t all due to the fact they lived in Gilroy that made them a magnet for success, but these Mustangs have made us proud. Read more in our “Where Are They Now?” feature.


Emma A. Castillo

Class: 1972

After graduation: Graduated from Stanford University then went to the UC Davis Law School. Worked with Congressman Tom Hayden as an attorney.

Where is she now? Emma is now an administrative law judge, living in Sacramento with her husband, Ramiro Masuka whom she met her sophomore year at Stanford.

Plans for the future? To continue to work and travel to unique places around the world.

Greatest thing about Gilroy?  It’s people, especially the teachers at Gilroy High.

– Submitted by Jim Serrine


Kevin Rubio

Class: 1986

Where is Kevin now? Topographically: Los Angeles. Mentally: Constant state of confusion and panic.

Biggest accomplishment since high school? Considered by many to be the originator of the “viral video” and cited by Time Magazine (March 1999) as one of “The Top 10 Sign Post of the Digital Revolution” for his 1997 Internet film “TROOPS.”

Plans for the future? Paying my bills and hopefully getting my new show on the air.

What’s the greatest thing about Gilroy? All those beautiful girls I knew in high school – more per capita than any city, save Los Angeles. So many blondes, so little time.

– Submitted by Pamela Rubio


Neil Kugler

Class: 1991. Neil attended El Roble, Brownell and South Valley before graduating from Gilroy High School in 1991. Upon graduation, he was selected for admission to the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated from West Point in 1995.

Where is Neil now?  Lt. Colonel Neil Kugler is currently assigned to the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and resides in Fairfax Station, Virginia with his wife Bridget and their three children (Maddie, Liza and Colt).

Biggest accomplishment since high school?  Since graduation from West Point, Neil has served his country in a number of critical deployments throughout the world. As a member and leader in the 82nd Airborne Division, he served with distinction in both Afghanistan and Iraq and was recently promoted to Lt. Colonel at a ceremony in the National Archives in Washington D.C.

Plans for the future?  Neil intends to continue service to his country for the near future and looks forward to visits with friends and family in Gilroy, when time and circumstances permit.

What is the greatest thing about Gilroy?  The people!  Gilroyans support and remember Gilroyans no matter who they are or where they are.  Neil and other men and women of Gilroy, who are serving or have served in the military, are especially appreciative of the kindnesses, letters and other remembrances they consistently receive from friends and other Gilroy residents during their deployments overseas.

– Submitted by Bill Kugler


Lauryn Chris

Class: 2008

Where is Lauryn now? She accepted a Div. I softball scholarship to attend Canisius College, in Buffalo N.Y.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a bachelor of science degree in Biology Pre-Med, and a minor in Sociology May 2012. 

Greatest accomplishment since high school? Her acceptance to the University Of Rochester Medical School in N.Y. Lauryn will begin attending medical school this fall and plans to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery. 

What’s the greatest thing about Gilroy? The people.  Whenever I come back, it always feels like home, she said.

– Submitted by Susie Chris



Garrett M. Collins

Class: 2006

Where is Garrett now?  Currently living in Pasadena; Has worked at Los Angeles Opera for the last three years, and is currently the Communications Coordinator.

Biggest accomplishment since high school?  Completing graduate studies at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont earning a master’s degree in Arts Management. Bachelor’s in Music Performance from UCLA, class of 2010.  

Plans for the future? Working his way to the top of managing a large performing arts organization.

What’s the greatest thing about Gilroy?  It’s is a small enough town to create a tight-knit support group of friends and family, yet big enough to be your own person and create your own identity.

– Submitted by Nancy Collins


Eric Vegas

Class: 2011

Where is Eric now? Cabrillo College, Aptos.

Biggest accomplishment since high school? Eric was named 2nd Team Coast Pacific All Conference team as First Baseman.

Plans for the future? Attending Cabrillo College one more year with plans to attend a four-year college and continue playing baseball.

What’s the greatest thing about Gilroy?  Family and friends.

– Submitted by Anna Brinkman



Kathryn Sinon

Class: 2010

Where is Kathryn now? UC Riverside.

Biggest accomplishment since high school? My sorority that I’m in, Delta Gamma, having a cumulative GPA of over a 3.0 something no other sorority at my school had accomplished in three years.

Plans for the future? I’m a media and cultural studies major, so I hope to get into something with TV behind the scenes, such as production or marketing.

What’s the greatest thing about Gilroy? That whenever I come back home, I can meet up with the same friends I had before I left and it’s like nothing changed. It just always feels like home to me.

– Submitted by Kelly Sinon

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