Pool Safety for Your Pup

1. Make sure there is always a way out of the pool for your pet- if the stairs are inconvenient or hard for your pet to maneuver, think about installing floating ramps or “doggy ramps” on the stairs for your pet’s safe exit from the water.

2. NEVER let your Dog drink from the pool- Keep a clean bowl of fresh water for their enjoyment nearby; the chlorine and chemicals can make your pet sick.

3. Install a barrier around your pool – self closing and locking gates are best so the area is locked at all times when nobody is around to ensure your pet is safe near the pool.

4. Get a Pet Life Jacket for all activity in any open body of water for your pet. Just like with people, it’s easy for a dog to develop a cramp in a leg, become exhausted too far from shore, or in the case of rivers or oceans, overwhelmed by tides.

5. Always give your pet a rinse post-swim to get chlorine and other pool chemicals, as well as bacteria or dirt he might get on him from a pond or lake. Don’t let your dog sit in a wet collar as hot spots can develop as well.

6. Do your Research- while most dogs enjoy the water, some breeds have physical limitations that inhibit them from swimming, others just simply don’t enjoy the water. Read up on your breed and evaluate how your personal pet does with pools and bodies of water.

7. Install an alarm- Pool alarms are convenient for all Pool safety for pups and humans alike; collar alarms are specifically for the pet and pool alarms are made to warm you that the water has been disturbed.

8. Do Not Force a Dog into Water – Many people playfully toss their dog in but do not realize that this can be dangerous and a traumatic experience for the dog.

9. Be sure to get your dog a Giardia vaccination if they will be swimming in lakes and/or rivers to prevent infections.

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