Red Phone: He just wants to skate in peace

Red Phone

“Dear Red Phone, I’d like to know why Gilroy police don’t do a better job patrolling and monitoring the Gilroy skate park, whereas Morgan Hill does a better job. My son can’t go to the Gilroy skate park without any interruptions between bikers and vandalism. What’s up with this?”
Red Phone: Dear Ramp-up Requester, Red Phone contacted the Gilroy Police Department to check out how often officers are stopping by Las Animas Veterans Park on Mantelli Drive and Wren Avenue, where the skate park is located.
Sgt. Chad Gallacinao compiled a list of service calls to the park in the last two months, and during that time police received 137 calls for service to the skate park.
Here’s what they were at the park for from Feb. 29 through May 29: One call for a person drunk in public; two calls for needed foot patrol; two calls for  municipal code citations; one call for breaking liquor laws; seven calls that were narcotic related; 59 patrol checks; nine calls to stop a person at the park; 13 calls for a suspicious person/vehicle; and two calls related to warrant services.  
Gallacinao said the GPD does routinely and “proactively patrols Las Animas Veterans Park.”
“Community members are encouraged to contact the police department to report disturbances to ensure the park remains safe,” Gallacinao said.
Well, good caller, give GPD a call at 846-0300 if you have anymore concerns; but it appears officers are a presence at the park.

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