Gilroy’s new summer water polo program

A new high school-level water polo program has sprouted in Gilroy, allowing newcomers and veterans of the trade to dip their feet into the sport this summer.

Led by coaches Paul Wells and Jim Shuster, the voluntary summer workout program is aimed at honing the skills of high school athletes in advance of their fall seasons with their respective schools. Think summer camp where the sole subject is water polo.

“This is so new to the area that we are working through the details of how the program will evolve. Right now we are playing under a (Gilroy Unified School District) club team,” Shuster explained in an email. “We are not only preparing the players for the up coming fall high school season, but looking ahead for college. There are alot of good players that we are refining their skills to become great leaders as well as great players.”

For the past two weeks, about 20 water polo enthusiasts (as many as 27 on one day) have gathered at the CHS pool Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., with a weight training session serving as part two of the day’s regimen.

“First we swim some warm-up laps followed by some stratigic water polo playing,” Shuster wote. “We work on passing, shooting, defense, offense plays, 6-on-5 defense and offense, being a goalie, scrimages and team efforts.”

The workouts are free of cost and more players are welcomed to jump in.

“Guys and girls only need to show up in their competition swim suits and a set of goggle,” Shuster said. “Be ready to work hard and have some fun. Our expectation is to raise the level of skills of all our players so they can lead their teams in the fall.”

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