Float your parade ideas to the parade organizers

Red Phone

“Dear Red Phone, I went to the Gilroy Memorial Day Parade and after going I think Gilroy should take lessons from the City of Morgan Hill on throwing a parade. Obviously Gilroy needs some lessons on Parade 101. Shame on Gilroy, yay for Morgan Hill.”

Red Phone: Dear I Love a Parade,

Red Phone loves both small-town parades, frankly, but you might have an idea. Perhaps the folks who are running the parades next year could get together and share ideas on organization, local entries and general parade management. It’s no easy feat getting a parade off the ground, that’s for sure. Coordinating all the different entries and the timing demands Houdini-like precision.

That said, there’s always room for improvement and we’re sure “I Love a Parade” will step up and assist the organizers next year. We salute and thank parade chair Albert Lambert and his team for the parade which showcased 60 entries this year and look forward to the event next year.

What about cameras in the library to stop bad kids?

“Dear Red Phone, I’ve been reading the Dispatch and I see the destruction that’s been done to the library. No use getting a guard because he can’t be on all floors at the same time. Why don’t they just put cameras? This way it makes the parents responsible. It’s not a hang out, it’s for kids to go read or do homework. Someone has to get a little stricter.”

Red Phone: Dear Camera Ready,

Your idea is a good one – and actually came to fruition as Red Phone was hard at work writing this column.

The library is equipped with 32 surveillance cameras that are up and running as of this weekend – head librarian Lani Yoshimura even caught teens on camera throwing trash over the balcony and promptly kicked them out.

Red Phone is relieved the cameras can help deter poorly behaved teens and send a strong message to their parents – bad behavior is not OK.

The librarians and staff at the beautiful new Gilroy Library obviously aren’t thrilled to take on babysitting and being a disciplinarian along with their regular duties, but with the cameras, the Gilroy Police Department now coming to the rescue and their zero-tolerance plan – it’s looking like the library can return to some peace and quiet.

Be diligent library patrons – report bad behavior and don’t be afraid to “Shh!” or scold a misbehaving teen.

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