St. Louise Hospital among first in newborn screening

Saint Louise Regional Hospital

Every newborn at Saint Louise Regional Hospital, located at 9400 No Name Uno in Gilroy, is now receiving a life-saving test that only a few U.S. hospitals are currently offering, according to a press release sent out by hospital spokeswoman Jasmine Nguyen.

All babies born inside the Gilroy hospital will receive a non-invasive newborn screening, which can catch congenital heart defects that “even pediatric cardiologists can sometimes miss,” the press release states.

Saint Louise is one of the first community hospitals in the nation to adopt this practice, according to the press release. It also states that undiagnosed newborns with congenital heart disease are often readmitted to the hospital in critical condition just days after being released.

The screening is completed using two “pulse oximeters” to simultaneously test the oxygen saturation in the baby’s right hand and one foot.

Approximately 60 babies are delivered monthly at Saint Louise, according to the press release.

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