New statewide ballot measure approved for November election

A 12th measure has been added to California’s November ballot known as the Government Performance and Accountability Act that seeks to establish a two-year state budget cycle, allow local governments more control over state law and require more transparency from legislators.

The GPAA is funded by the California Forward Action Fund, an organization that seeks higher accountability and more responsible spending from legislators, according to Roger Salazar, spokesman for the organization.

The measure, if passed, would require lawmakers to post proposed laws for the public to see at least 72 hours before they hold a vote to “increase public input and transparency from legislators,” Salazar said.

The measure would also replace the state’s one-year budget cycle with a new two-year budget cycle, to promote stability, Salazar said.

Among other arms of the measure, it would also implement more performance-based budgeting, meaning lawmakers would have to prove that their program is effective before they throw more money at it, according to Salazar.

Salazar said the local government component of the measure is the most complicated, and the most easily confused by people – but in essence, it says that local governments, which state government approval, can tweak state regulations to make laws that make more sense for their particular area.

More information on the new ballot measure, as well as the 11 other measures can found at at

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