Library protection plan

Cheers to Police Chief Denise Turner and the staff at the Gilroy library for dealing head-on with the problems created by young hooligans at the library. Zero tolerance is the right approach. When a community supports and spends precious tax dollars to build an outstanding facility, it must be protected and the rules must be enforced. Hopefully, a concerted effort now will halt the problems and let the few unruly teens who are mucking up the library experience for many know that there will be consequences.
Jeers to the Gilroy City Council for the ongoing lack of communication with the Gilroy Unified School District trustees. Putting a sales tax to support schools may or may not have been the right way to go, but to essentially hoodwink trustees into thinking that there would be more discussion before a final vote would be taken about putting a local measure on the ballot just exacerbates the hard feelings apparent between the two bodies. Gilroy desperately needs new and improved leadership at City Hall.
Cheers to those raising money and hope for hit-and-run victim Joshua Valdez, a Gilroy High school graduate who was run into and left roadside in Morgan Hill. A 28-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the incident and, meanwhile, there’s lots of support for 22-year-old “Joshie” to heal and awaken from his comatose state. All those messages matter, and it’s encouraging to see the signs of awarness he’s exhibited, following his mother with eyes wide open.
Jeers to the criminals who defile our parks and wilderness areas with marijuana farms. Protected by gun-toting guards and buried deep in the forest, these “farms” are a menace to the wilderness and a scourge on society. Not only do the “farms” destroy the natural landscape and steal water resources, the illegal pot plantings pour drugs into the marketplace and, ultimately, endanger the lives of officers sent to eradicate the growing locations. Cheers to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department for taking this latest farm down and making at least one arrest.
Cheers to our first Gilroy Olympian, cyclist Shelley Olds who will compete in the upcoming Summer Olympics in London. Wow, what a story, what an accomplishment and what an honor. She’s 31 and only one of four women to represent the USA on the cycling squad. If you’ve missed the inspiring stories on her journey, check it out on our website.
Jeers for the sentencing in the Patrick D’Arrigo sex scandal case. The 44-year-old former San Jose police officer, who previously resided in Gilroy, was convicted of enganging in sex acts with two teenage boys. He received eight months of house arrest from Judge Kenneth Shapero. Like the prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Stuart Scott, we were disappointed. D’Arrigo deserved jail time and he didn’t get it.

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