Some Interesting Stats

The August issue of Runners World Magazine has an interesting article on changes to the half-marathon running scene here in the USA.  A couple of tidbits caught my eye.

The number of women runners exceeds the number of men in half-marathons, and actually has since 2005. I knew the numbers were pretty evenly split but I was surprised to find that out.

Half-marathons  continue to be the most popular distance among runners and the market has responded. The number of halfs available to run per year has increased from 400 in 1990 to 1200 in 2010.

Half-marathons are my favorite too. They’re far enough so you are challenged, yet not so far that you hit the wall like you do in a full-marathon. In addition, the  training demands of a full-marathon are more than most runners are willing or able to commit to. Those 15 – 20 mile training runs every Sunday really take a chunk out of your day.

In any event check out the August issue of RW if you need some help with your next half-marathon, the whole issue is devoted to it.

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