3 letters: Why Gilroy is a special place; Sweet justice reality check on Obamacare; Greenbelt Alliance propaganda and Agenda 21

The things that make Gilroy a special place, and the one reason that really stands out
Dear Editor,
Why move to Gilroy? This is a question that came from some friends who are looking to relocate to the South Bay area. It didn’t take long for me to list the reasons I love Gilroy.
I lived in Gilroy from 1999 to 2003. I moved away because I was retiring and wanted to spend some time living on the water and enjoying my boat. As life will have it, things changed and I had an opportunity to move back to Gilroy and be closer to my family. I moved back in early 2009 and it is the best decision I ever made.
I miss living on the water, but who could resist living 30 minutes from the beach and 40 minutes from the spectacular Monterey Bay area. Not to mention the lovely hills and the beautiful Mt. Madonna Park to explore. We have wonderful local wineries, unique family owned restaurants, the outlets, shopping centers and a variety of local businesses and entertainment options like the Gilroy Garlic Festival and Gilroy Gardens.
Having said all that, Gilroy is special because of the people who live here. When you go to the grocery store people actually smile and say “Hi!” When you walk into a small business you are treated like an old friend.
When I moved back because I was retired I wanted to get involved in volunteer activities. I was amazed at how many opportunities are available and how many caring people work so hard giving back to this community. As I got involved I felt so welcomed and have made some wonderful new friends along the way. I truly feel like this is my home.
My friends were intrigued and are actively looking for a home here. I hope they decide that this is the place for them and for me. It will be nice to have old friends close by.
Terri Aulman, Gilroy
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Sweet reality check for Justice Roberts in making the right call on Obamacare
Dear Editor,
One thing that I think we can all agree on in regards to the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare is – WOW! Who would have expected Justice Roberts to make that decision.
I’ve been thinking about that all day wondering what made him do it and I have a theory. I think John Roberts had a personal experience with reality.
I remember when Roberts was sworn in. He was there with his wife and two small children taking the oath and you could tell that he loved his family. I can’t help but to think that Roberts had a revelation and he thought about the future. I think that he pondered what kind of world he was leaving to his children. He recognized how his decision he made today would impact the lives of his kids and future generations. I believe that Roberts might have understood the effect his choice would make and that he just couldn’t do that to the future of America.
Morality comes from reality. When one looks into the future and calculates the difference between doing what is right compared to doing what is wrong, one realizes that if we are going to survive and continue to exist we have to make good choices. We are in fact the descendants of our ancestors who did what was right and species and cultures who didn’t make the right choices are extinct.
I’m going to give Roberts the credit for taking his role in history seriously and doing what was right for his children and his children’s children. I believe that reality spoke to John Roberts and that he chose to live in right relationship with reality. He was under pressure to do what was wrong and he refused to go along.
Marc Perkel, Gilroy

’Sustainable development,’ ’Smart growth’ and a real brainwashing for Agenda 21
Dear Editor,
I attended the “Wildlands, Food, and Your Health”, the visioning meeting hosted by The Greenbelt Alliance.
I care about being a good steward of our natural resources so I listened to each of the representatives from Open Space Authority, and Santa Clara County Health Department.
Each attendee was given a program agenda which included the panel discussion topics, community exercises, and group agreements (speaking guidelines). I found it ironic that even though the  speaking guidelines stated for attendees to speak respectfully, ask questions, and be open to discussion, hardly any of these were being implemented by the hosts, panel representatives, nor the facilitators.
Furthermore, as I was observing the topic discussions, whenever members of the public asked questions, they were often not answered and, in one instance, I was shocked when one of the attendees shouted at the questioner, telling her to “shut up and get out.” So much for speaking etiquette.
The “Community Exercises” were hardly realistic in their content and the overt manipulation as this “visioning meeting” left me frustrated because those in charge were basically stifling free speech in a public meeting.
“Sustainable development”, “smart growth”, and “social equity” sound like warm and fuzzy phrases. Yet, did you know that things like dams, irrigation and single-family homes are considered “unsustainable” according to the tenets of United Nation’s Agenda 21? Did you know that “social equity” means taking away your private property rights? Do we as citizens of our free Republic want to relinquish our liberties that our Founding Fathers fought and died for on our behalf to create our great nation? 
If you call yourself an American, it would be wise for you to become familiar with this subject. Start attending some city and or county planning meetings, show up to your city council meetings, take notes on things and do some research. Ask questions to your state, county and city officials as to why they want the United Nations socialistic ideology infiltrating our constitutional rights as Americans.
Being environmentally conscientious is using energy efficient ways to conserve, and using intelligent means to preserve our planet. You should not have to lose your free speech rights and give up living with a personal vehicle, a private home, modern conveniences, and nutritious food to be environmental stewards of our planet.
Suzanne Rodriguez, Gilroy

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