Community Pulse: Which city do you believe is better run – Gilroy or Morgan Hill?

Community Pulse

For residents, which city do you believe is better run – Morgan Hill or Gilroy?

-Gilroy. If we look at the outside we see a cleaner looking downtown in Morgan Hill. Their police station is efficient, simple and cheaper when compared to the $40 million fortress in Gilroy. Their library, open in ’07, cost less to build than Gilroy’s $40 million book palace. Morgan Hill does seem to be better at keeping a clear head on their shoulders when it comes to these types of expenditures, and with the help of their RDA they were able to get a lot of new infrastructure completed. (All CA RDAs have been suspended by the state.) Now if we look at the inside we see that for several years MH has been in the red with their budget and have relied on their dwindling surplus to balance their budget. Gilroy has for years maintained a balanced budget without relying on the surplus except for  2008 and 2009 and have added to their surplus since. Gilroy has built up its infrastructure, too, without the assistance of a lucrative RDA. Gilroy has community driven associations like Downtown Association, Leadership Training etc. Gilroy has a volunteer base second to none and I would not trade my life in Gilroy for two seconds under a Morgan Hill leadership.

– Gilroy. I have experience working with both and Gilroy is an easier community to do business in. I also enjoy our warm, friendly community spirit! n Gilroy. Perhaps I am biased but it seems to me Gilroy is always pushing forward, working hard at being fiscally sound and doing the best to provide services to its citizens.

-Now, unfortunately, it’s Morgan Hill which has risen above Gilroy in the last 5 years.

– Morgan Hill.

– I love Gilroy. When moving from Minnesota we had the option to look at homes in Morgan Hill and in Gilroy and Gilroy had more to offer. We love this city and the people who run it. We put our roots down, we are here to stay and would never live anywhere else.

– Morgan Hill. My reasons are purely aesthetic, better buildings, better roads, better restaurants, hoodlum free library, cultural center, rec center, and an actual downtown! Gilroy has Costco and for that I am proud.

– Tough one. I don’t know anything about Morgan Hill finances. For many years they have had a RDA and their downtown is way better than Gilroy’s. They have some fabulous amenities like the Aquatic Center and many other city services. I have heard they are business friendlier than Gilroy. Gilroy has a very healthy reserve, which demonstrates wise financial practices, bigger and better police and fire departments which demonstrates high quality safety concerns. Hmmm. Might be a toss up.

– Morgan Hill. They seem too be very proactive and much more customer service savvy. They had they foresight to embrace RDA and those benefits are all over their city. It seems that Morgan Hill residents have a higher expectation of their city staff and leadership. It may be that by holding the bar higher, city employees are working harder to get over it.

– I would have to vote for Gilroy since I’ve never had to deal with Morgan Hill. But, from stories in the paper and comments made by acquaintances that live/work in Morgan Hill, they have their problems, too. As does Gilroy. You have to look out for #1 and be your own best advocate regardless.

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