Golf Tips: Grip pressure key to handling round

Why No American Flags on the golf course? With the Fourth of July having passed by this week, many golfers asked why golf courses do not use American flags on each hole to celebrate the holiday. Although the course would like to use American flags on all patriotic holidays, we can’t. Golfers lay the flag pole – with the flag – on the ground while putting.

As we learned in school, out of respect the American flag should never touch the ground. Many courses, though, are now ordering flags with patriotic designs to use for such holidays.

Ace for Bedell

John Bedell amazed Barry Brady and Dan Stadtler with a hole-in-one on the 12th hole at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club’s Gabilan Course last week. Bedell used his 3-wood on the 195-yard shot.

The pressure of good golf

Handling pressure during a round is important but how much grip pressure you apply to your club is even more vital to play good golf. Correct pressure on your grip is more important than the grip itself.

If your grip is too tight, your wrists can’t hinge and unhinge during a swing. If the pressure is too loose, your stroke will become too wristy and inconsistent, which could develop into the yips.

Trying to maintain an even grip pressure throughout your swing is tough enough, so don’t try to control different levels of pressure in each finger.

When your hands work together as a team, keep the same pressure in both hands. Keep the pressure firm to control the club, yet soft enough to feel the club head throughout your swing.

A good test for grip pressure is to hold your club up in the air and write your name in the sky – like a signature. Using your wrist to make big loops, this should give you an idea for your correct grip pressure.

For more help with your grip swing by Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. We would love to help you.

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