Police briefs: Illegal encampment and DUI car crashes

Over the past week, Gilroy police have responded to a couple DUI car crashes, burglaries, drug use in the park, illegal encampment and weapons violations. Here are a few standout events:

Equipment stolen from construction company

At 8:14 p.m. on July 5, an unknown suspect raided locked containers at Farotte Construction Company on the 100 block of Casey Street and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including items such as painting supplies, a generator, a water pump and copper wiring.

Weapons violation: Switchblade, baseball bats

At 9:27 p.m. on July 5, Francisco Diaz-Lopez, 20 of Gilroy, was arrested for a weapons violation after he was pulled over on Chestnut Street near Murray Avenue for having a broken windshield. Police allegedly found a switchblade knife during a pat down of Diaz, and also found two baseball bats in the trunk of the car. He was taken to Santa Clara County Jail.

Man swallows pills, flees

Henry Gallegos, 36 of Los Gatos, was arrested for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest during an investigation of several suspects drinking alcohol in Las Animas Park at 7:15 p.m. on July 7. Gallegos, while refusing commands of officers to sit on the curb, swallowed unidentified narcotics and attempted to flee. Because police were concerned that the narcotics were potentially life threatening, they took him to a local hospital where he was examined before being sent to Santa Clara County Jail. Another man Gallegos was with, Martin Gonzales of Gilroy, was arrested for possession of narcotics after he was allegedly found with less than an ounce of marijuana and six pills which were believed to be illegal depressants. He was also taken to the county jail.  

Squatters near downtown

Four suspects were allegedly found illegally camping at 110 Old Gilroy St., between Monterey and Alexander Streets at 9:18 p.m. on July 7. Jose Mendez, 38 of Gilroy, as well as three transients, Oscar Romero, 34, Victoria Diaz, 38, and Salvador Gaspar, 37 were arrested for trespassing and illegal encampment. They were issued a citation and forced to leave the property.

DUI hit and run

On 1:22 a.m. on July 8, Cory Snider, 20 of Gilroy, allegedly ran into another car on the 7500 block Stewart Drive, and fled the scene in his red Honda, jumping the curb and driving over a grass lawn to escape. Officers located him driving with two flat tires several blocks from the car crash scene. He was arrested for driving under the influence and for a hit-and-run. The crash caused no injuries. He was taken to the Gilroy police station to sober up before was released with a court date the following day.

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