Red Phone: Neighbor, hide your trash

Red Phone

“Red Phone, what can I do about our neighbor in Morgan HIll who has been leaving his trash cans out all week? We asked him to stop, but the landlord say it’s our issue, not his. What’s the city code say?”
Red Phone: Dear Canned, Red Phone reviewed the Morgan Hill city code that lays out the rules regarding garbage cans.
Section 13.28.050 talks about the placement of garbage containers: No garbage container shall be placed or kept on or in any public street, alley, sidewalk, footpath or any public place, unless arrangements are made with the company by the customer for a side yard pickup and payment of the additional rate for side yard pickups.
Containers shall not be placed at the curbside for collection before 6 a.m. on the day preceding collection and shall be properly stored no later than 6 a.m. the day immediately following the day after collection.
Good caller, it appears your neighbor is violating the municipal code by not removing his garbage cans in a timely manner.
First Street very dangerous?

“Dear Red Phone, I’m calling regarding parking on the south side of First Street between Mission Park Apartments and Miller Avenue. They allow parking in front and it’s becoming very dangerous, First Street is too narrow. I’ve almost had two or three accidents there in the last couple of weeks. One was a UPS truck parked. They should paint red on all those curbs along First Street between Mission Park Apartments and Miller Avenue. Please get an answer on this one. Thanks a lot.”
Red Phone: Dear Straight and Narrow, Our city’s traffic guru, Don Dey, took another look at the situation and reported that the city removed a lot of parking from First Street in the early 2000s, but left some residential- and business-serving parking areas. He checked the area in question and concluded that the lane width is safe.
The parking area serves visitors to the apartment complex and, said Dey. “There is no immediate safety hazard.”

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