A delightful piano recital

Devyn Noriel

The program simply said “Devyn Noriel Senior Piano Recital” and the rest was an enchanting program that was thoughtfully planned with feeling and care.
Seventeen-year-old Devyn Noriel, who has appeared at Carnegie Hall, presented an afternoon of beautifully played piano with a maturity that reached well beyond her years and showed a dedication of hard work and hours of practice. The assured young pianist showed her gift to a high degree of artistry in the perfection of her approach to her music.
Dressed in a beautiful deep blue gown (just right for her age and presentation), she was a delightful vision of youthful charm and sensitivity. She performed her pieces with deep feeling and most from memory.
Her program began with the “Scriabin’s Prelude for the Left Hand. Op 9,” which was a fascinating, intricate well-played piece that immediately got the attention of the audience and held it for the rest of the performance.
She was later joined by her younger brothers, Anthony and Matthew, for a delightful romp in “The Valse in A Major,” (for six hands) by Rachmaninoff.
The highlight came with a dramatic but well controlled offering of “Andante Maestoso,” from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, with arrangement by Mikhail Pletnev. Her notes were distinct and clear and she showed a controlled musical intelligence combined with fine technique.
Noriel has received many awards and scholarships from the Music Teachers Association of California and San Jose State University to pursue music with a double emphasis in piano performance and music education in the fall.
Devyn Noriel is a joy to watch and listen to. There is a feeling of satisfaction knowing and hoping that the future is in her hands and in the hands of those like her.

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