Shout outs for some locals

Shout Out #1 goes to Charles Weston and his volunteers for another great race on July 4th, the Freedom Fest 5k and 1 mile. There were over 760 runners this year, and the kids accounted for about half of that total.

Shout Out #2 goes to Greg Richards, head of SVE and race director of the Morgan Hill Marathon and Half. Greg ran the Inca Trail Marathon on July 5th with 40 other runners and finished 2nd overall. This race starts at 9000′ and climbs to almost 14000′ before descending to Machu Picchu! Most people have a hard time breathing at all  at those altitudes let alone running a marathon.

Shout Out 3# goes to Ethan Bennett from Morgan Hill who is now crossing Nevada and looks to be on track to arrive in San Francisco on schedule in time for the SF marathon.

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