Badwater Report

Hats off to Pam Reed and the SVRC crew for a great finish at this year’s Badwater Ultramarathon. Pam finished 2nd among women and 17th overall with a time of 31:06:43. It wasn’t super hot this year but it was very windy.

First place went to Mike Morton of Lithia Florida with a time of 22:52:55, and last  place went to Meridith Murphy of Chester Springs Pennsylvania with a time of 47:08:14. Only 89 of the 96 entrants finished the 135 mile  race.

Kim Moyano one of the members of the SVRC crew said that “I’m still digesting it all, it was a crazy, busy, tough, hot, mentally and physically challenging 31 hours… I loved every minute of it!!

 Kim who is herself an ultramarathoner says it was “truly amazing adventure and I will treasure the experience forever”, but “I can definitely say without a doubt, I would NEVER attempt and have NO desire to ever do this race/run.

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