Barney in a box


Foster momma Barnadette (in rear), the educational barn owl at the Wildlife Education & Rehabiliation Center, has ceded her housing box to the baby barn owl nicknamed “Burrito Barney” (June 27).  He appears to be mimicking her “threat” behavior—glaring, head low and swaying, wings splayed.  

At other times, Barney joins Barnadette on the perch for a little togetherness.  Though his behavior is innate, being in the company of another barn owl ensures that the young owl doesn’t become imprinted on the humans who must come in daily to provide its food.  Within a month or so, Barney will say goodbye to “mom” and transfer to a flight cage to perfect his silent flight before he is released back to the wild.  Sorta like our kids leaving the nest, going off to college, and making their way in the world.

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