Hold pit bull’s owner fully accountable

1. Monetary charges to the dog’s owner just aren’t enough

While we appreciate that an investigation should be thorough, the inquiry following the pit bull attack that killed a small pet dachshund, left its owner injured and caused quite a chaotic bloody scene in front of Starbucks on First Street last week needs to move more quickly toward conclusion.
The owner of the dog, which was caught unleashed by police after the attack in the parking lot, should be held accountable for more than just the monetary charges incurred from holding and euthanizing the dog.
What if, for example, a child had been with the woman and the small dog? The results could have been far more catastrophic and sad.
The point is that the descriptions and facts surrounding what happened all point to this being a case of reckless endangerment. Gilroy cannot send the message to owners of dangerous dogs that after a dog kills another pet and bites the owner of that pet, that it’s just a matter of paying a few fees.
It’s just not good enough.
2. Even worse, witnesses say the dog’s owner fled the scene

Then there’s the fact that witnesses say the dog’s owner fled the scene. It’s cowardly first, but it contributes to the idea that it’s criminal as well. Could the cowardly owner have acted in a more negligent way? It’s hard to imagine how.
Gilroy Dangerous Dog Ordinance does not address the owner’s culpability, and that is an issue. Mayor Al Pinheiro’s promise to look into that, and consider revisions, is the right thing to do.
This type of incident is so very unfortunate. Clearly, it’s the owner’s fault – perhaps in more ways than we now know.
We look forward to the Gilroy Police Department’s full report that should answer the questions regarding whether this dog’s owner trained or encouraged the aggressive tendencies in the dog. If that’s clear, then the dog becomes a dangerous weapon.

3. Police department’s full report should unveil all the details

If that is the case, it compounds the offense. Gilroy cannot tolerate dogs being used as weapons. Residents should not be afraid of canine companions and, frankly, the dogs deserve to be protected from that ridiculous and dangerous human behavior.
If our laws need to be refined, let’s move forward. And let’s wrap up that investigation so residents and community leaders can have a clear picture of what took place.
Common sense should dictate the next moves after the investigation becomes public knowledge.

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