We’ll drink to that: How to support the community at the festival

San Jose resident Anthony Renteria says he recommends paring a

Whether you enjoy your garlic fries with beer, wine, sangria or just a classic Pepsi – there’s a local organization happy to take your drink tickets. The money raised goes to help scholarships and community activities over the next year. Cheers!
Wine, sangria, mimosas: Support the general fund of the Gilroy Foundation, which gives grants and scholarships to local community causes, by indulging a fruity red or white wine sangria or mimosa made with local Guglielmo wine at booth No. 5.
Wine, wine coolers: Stop by booth No. 39 and enjoy wine or a bubbly wine cooler with local wine and lemon-lime soda – and as that fizzy goodness goes down, know that you’re supporting all the programs of the Gilroy Arts Alliance.
Wine margaritas: Treat yourself to a sweet and sour lemon-lime margarita made with local wine at booth No. 8, and support the Gavilan College Football Team’s general fund, which goes to purchasing new equipment for the team.
Beer garden: Indulge in a Stella Artois premium beer, make it a Garlic Fiesta with a Corona, or get down home with a classic American Budweiser, all in the name of supporting the activities of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce. The money from the beer garden helps the Chamber of Commerce keep their membership fees low, so that more small businesses in Gilroy can be served.
Pepsi soft drinks: Depending on where you are in the park, your purchase of a Pepsi product could support the Gilroy Garlic Festival at booth No. 2, 27, 32, 38, 46 or Gilroy Rainbow Girls, a leadership club for teen girls at booth No. 10, the Gilroy Gators Swim Team at booth No. 52, or Gilroy High School Associated Student Body at booth No. 62.

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