Bruce Lewis: A nickel should help with your swing

Bruce Lewis

For those of you with a heel-toe weighted putter or a large-flange putter, this tip is for you.

First, place a dime on the back of your putter and stroke the club back and forth. Try to not allow the coin to slip off of the back of the club.

This drill will help develop a smooth stroke with an even tempo. It should improve the stroke of people who try to jab with the putter instead of swinging smoothly. This should help you develop a putts with a smooth stroke with a nice tempo from all distances.

Do I Hit with the 5- or 6-Iron?

Many times we find ourselves trying to decide between two clubs on a given shot. The best way to decide between the two clubs is to know what style of golfer you are: Are you a “hitter” or a “swinger?”

Hitters are more comfortable swinging hard and fast, so they’re probably better choosing a shorter club with added power.

Swingers prefer a more controlled approach and should choose a longer club and choke up a half-inch on their grip.

Asking a hitter to slow down or swing easy is as destructive as asking a swinger to muscle up and swing hard. If you need help deciding if you’re a “hitter” or a “swinger” come to Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. We would love to help you.

Golf in the Heat

Playing golf during a heat wave can affect your normal golf game, drink more fluids and keep a close eye on your physical condition during the round.

Our bodies tend to loosen up quickly in the heat so start by reducing the number of range balls you normally hit before your play. Conserve energy by avoiding unnecessary practice swings better your round. You should swing easier because your body looser and flexible during hot days.

Be sure to remember to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen.

Also, the greens will be harder and roll faster during the hot times, and most of your shots will fly high and longer than normal.

I suggest bringing along an extra dry glove and a towel to wipe down your grips.

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