Run Forest Run!

Long distance running has several different training runs. There is the ever popular weekly  Long Run where distance not pace is the goal, Tempo Runs for pace, Hill Repeats for endurance, and the Fartlek which is a Swedish term and refers to short speed bursts during a long run. I’ve invented one of my own though, which I call the Forest Gump run.

If you remember in the eponymous film Forest Gump, Forest gets up one morning, steps out his door, and starts running. He just keeps running day after day with no set goal in mind until  he reaches the Santa Monica pier  whereupon he turns around and runs back home.

Somehow the idea of just heading out on a long quest like that has always appealed to me. I’m way too old and out of shape to actually run across country but I do sometimes set out on my weekly long run with no set course in mind just to see where my feet will take me. There is a certain freedom about that that I really like. There are no set pace or distance goals to meet. If I see something interesting I’ll stop take a picture, or maybe just enjoy the moment.

In any case my long run last week was a Forest Gump run. Back in the hills some, past the Garlic Fest being set up at Christmas Hill park, and finally along the levee and back home. Good times.

Speaking of long runs, Ethan Bennett has completed his run across America as scheduled. 98 days, 3000 miles – a real Forest Gump run.  Thank you and congratulations Ethan!

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