Red Phone: What’s the rule on parking trailers long-term?

Red Phone

“Hey Red Phone, what about the unattached trailers parked on city streets? I thought trailers had to be hooked up to a vehicle. There is a trailer parked on Ninth Street between Chestnut and Alexander streets for at least one month. Police don’t seem to care about enforcing parking violations. I’ve seen patrol cars drive right past cars parked the wrong way and unattached trailers. Thanks for your help Red Phone!”

Red Phone: Dear Ticked Off With Trailers, Sgt. Chad Gallacinao with the Gilroy Police Department spoke with the department’s Community Service Officer who oversees parking control.  

And, yes, there is an city ordinance regarding the storage of trailers on city streets which requires them to be connected to a truck/vehicle.  

Also, vehicles are prohibited from being parked on city streets, without being moved, for 72 or more consecutive hours. As a matter of practice, the department first issues a parking warning to vehicles that do not present a public hazard or are parked in a handicap zone.  Many people may not know all of the pertinent parking laws, so the police department attempts to provide them with a warning to educate them, Gallacinao said.

Moreover, the GPD has now, in this specific case, affixed a warning to the trailer and has scheduled to tow it by next week if not moved.

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