Dog found with a brick tied to its legs in Uvas Creek

Dog rescued

A small honey-colored dog was found three days ago in Uvas Creek in Christmas Hill Park with her head barely above the water because a brick had been tied with rope to her small hind legs, said Hector Beltran who rescued the pup.

Beltran was with his kids playing near the water when they spotted the about 2-year-old dog, which he named River. He said her hair was matted and she was weak. He had her checked out at a local veterinarian and gave her a haircut. She did not wear a collar with ID tags nor is she micro-chipped.

He believes River is a Yorkshire terrier mix perhaps with Maltese.

Beltran filed a police report with Gilroy Police Wednesday. If you have any information surrounding the incident, you can call GPD at 846-0300.

Beltran is unable to keep River because he has other dogs to care for and would like to find her a good home. If you’re interested in adopting River, call Beltran at 408-706-3182.

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