3 letters: Obama get back to work, stop sign needed and it’s about the owner, not the pit bull

President Obama has found time to golf; too bad he hasn’t also had time to fix economy

Dear Editor,

President Barack Obama seems to be busy with all sorts of tasks – except for bolstering the economy that his policies have immeasurably harmed.

Within the last six months, he has staged more than 100 fundraisers and even found the time to golf at least 10 times.

But Obama’s jobs council, which he claimed earlier this year wasn’t a show council, hasn’t met for six months. And now we’ve also learned that Obama hasn’t received an economic daily briefing for more than 15 months.

He has time for raising money, sporting events, and all kinds of big talk – but he shows no concern for the millions of Americans who are jobless because of his policies. It’s way past time for him to go.

Dave Blicharz, Stockton

A four-way stop on the corner of Second and Church streets is needed to prevent accidents

Dear Editor,

We would like to bring attention to an issue that has been worrying us and has concerned us regarding what we think is a traffic issue. As two residents of Gilroy who enjoy the calm and peaceful walks around downtown, we have noticed that there needs to be a four-way stop on the intersection of Second Street and Church Street. Currently there is only a stop sign for those intersecting from Second Street, but we believe it would be a much friendlier pedestrian intersection if it had a four-way stop sign. At one point, we witnessed a serious three-car accident in this very intersection, and we think a reason for this is the high-speed that drivers often drive on Church Street. A four-way stop sign is the appropriate step towards ensuring a pedestrian-friendly intersection as well as preventing the high-speed of cars and future accidents. We hope that more people support us in this friendly concern.

Araceli and Vicente, Gilroy

Pit bull owners need to be held responsible for their dogs; tougher legislation is required

Dear Editor,

This is not about pit bulls … this is about pit bull owners.

It’s good to see that the ball has not yet been dropped on the pit bull attack at Starbucks. This has been the most blatant expression of arrogance of a pit bull owner that has been reported. I can only imagine the horrific bedlam of that morning with people yelling and screaming, beating the pit bull with chairs, and the little dog dying while the pit bull owner struts away from the scene.

How many of us have had a bad experience with a pit bull owner? How many more attacks will there be before something is done to stop these owners from continually disregarding the law?

This time, the pit bull was euthanized and the owner walked away. Next time, someone will shoot the pit bull. The shooter will be arrested, and the owner will walk away. The owner of the pit bull in the Starbucks attack has probably already acquired another dog.

This issue is bigger than individual dog attacks. The late sociologist Herbert Spencer states a basic law of ethics and morality: “Human happiness can be achieved only when individuals can satisfy their needs and desires without infringing on the rights of others to do the same”.

This case is being sent to the district attorney for investigation and possible prosecution. Take this opportunity to be heard. Call or write the DA, say you support prosecution, tougher laws and enforcement of these laws. If you have a story to tell, tell it.

As a civil society, there are basic laws and regulations that, in conjunction with ethics and morality, enable us all to live a life of common decency toward one another. Let’s bring this sense of personal responsibility and caring community back to our world.

After all, that’s why we are here.

J. Casalegno, Gilroy

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