A Couple of Comments on the Men’s Marathon at the Olympics

Ryan Hall should get a new coach. With all due respect to Ryan (after all who am I to advise someone like Ryan Hall?) but  self coaching doesn’t seem to be working too well. It reminds me of the old saying about someone who represents themselves in court: namely he has a fool for a client.

NBC’s coverage of Meb Keflzighi’s  4Th place finish was awful. I realize that the medal winners should be covered first of all. But for an American audience the fact that a 37 year old Meb came from around  20Th place to 4Th in the last 8 miles or so was almost completely ignored until (surprise!) here he comes around the corner  in the last 200 meters in 4Th place. They did mention once that he was picking runners off –  but really NBC you could have done better.


Just Run!

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