Candidates release official campaign statements; financial documents

Gilroy’s candidates for mayor and city council have submitted their official campaign statements, as you can read verbatim below. Also to the left of this story are the PDF version of each candidate’s economic interests statements as submitted to the county registrar of voters.

City council candidate Rebecca Armendariz  

Candidates appear in alphabetical order.


Peter Arrellano, city councilmember

I was born and raised in Gilroy. My parents were small business owners who where committed to family, education and enterprise. After completng Gilroy High School and Gavilan College I graduated from Sanford UNiversity Medical School. 

As a physician, I pledged “that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those of sound mind an dbody as well as the infirm,” I live those works through my public service; as a City Councilman, volunteer physician events and community organizer. 

I became a City Councilmember to help shape and prepare Gilroy for the future while sustaining our area’s unique character. I will continue this oal by working on environmentally sustainable development, economic support of small businesses, developing a thriving downtown and securing a future for our children by improving public schools, the backbone of any community. 

As Mayor, I bring 11 years of legislative experience, a passion for open and transparent govenment, fiscal responsibility, a devotion to preserving the health and improving the lives of all Gilroy residents. I am uniuely qualified to understand the impact of policy decisions on our community. I respectfully request your vote.

Peter Arellano M.D., M.P.H., Family Physician, Councilman City of Gilroy


Terry Aulman, Gilroy Planning Commissioner

I have experience in business, state and local governments and a passion to serve the community. After retiring from IBM with over 25 years managing million dollar budgets, I was a field representative for a state assemblyman, working with agencies and local governments to resolve constituent issues. Throughout my careers, I have worked hard to take a fair approach, understand all sides of an issue and strive to negotiate the best result. 

I am president of the Gilroy Exchange Club, on the board of Gilroy Sister Citites, on the downtown Paseo Committee, am the a Chamber Ambassador, and a Gilroy Welcome Center volunteer. I was appointed to the Gilroy Planning Commission in 2011 and named Chairwoman in 2012. 

I strongly support small business, and will work hard on downtown improvement projects. I also believe in fiscal responsibility and maintaining a balanced city budget. I will work diligently to hold the line on increased taxes and fees to the citizens and businesses of Gilroy. 

Please feel free to contact me at 408-391-6268. 


Dion Bracco, councilmember and businesowner

I have been a member of the City Council since 2005 and am now asking for your vote for Mayor of Gilroy. 

Gilroy voters face as many as three local tax increases on their November ballot, in addition to the statewide tax hikes proposed by the Governor. I am opposed to these tax increases. Raising taxes in a bad economy is a terrible idea. It will only serve to chase jobs out of Gilroy and damage our Outlet retailers and car dealers. 

I opposed the recent 40 percent increase in water rates because I believe Gilroy taxpayers have had enough. They have been taxed and taxed, in one form or another, and it’s time to insist that government live within its means. Hard-pressed families and seniors cannot afford additional sales taxes, property taxes, or water bills. 

As Mayor, I will resist new taxes and work to create an economic environment which is inviting to small and large businesses and to the creation of good-paying jobs. We can only restore our economy and help our struggling families by making government smaller and paychecks bigger. 

Please feel free to call me at 422-1734 or go to 


Don Gage, Santa Clara Valley Water District board member

I am running for mayor to provide leadership and deliver needed services for Gilroy’s families, youth and seniors. I have a vision for Gilroy’s economy and future that I will work collaboratively to implement. 

My committment to public service and my career in business at IBM make me the most qualified candidate. I am a problem solver and a fiscal conservative with a repuation for building consensus and being open, honest and accessible. I am known for common sense leadership and delivering real results. 

When I was mayor in the 1990s, the budget was balances, residents received services, and we were planning for the future. I have always put taxpayers first. I served three terms as county supervisor where I balance d multi-billion budget. During my 31 years in local public service, I have been a voice of reason on regional issues including the environment, traportation and keeping residents safe. 

I am endorsed by current and past mayors Al Pinheiro, Mike Gilroy, Roberta Hughan, Sig Sanchez, Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Sheriff Laurie Smith, Mayors Chuck Reed and Steve Tate, La Raza Roundable and hundreds of community leaders including the Christopher family. 

I humbly ask for your vote, 


Cat Tucker, city councilmember

I have been a Gilroy resident since 1983, my children attended our public schools, and my husband is a small business owner in Gilroy. Our family deeply appreciated this wonderful community.

During the last five years on the City Council, I have gained experience and have had many successes, including instituting a quarterly financial review, supporting the Open Governance Ordinance, supporting downtown development, fixing the sidewalks, and monitoring the building of our nr new library, relocating and expanding our community youth center, and upgrading San Ysidro park. As a council member I had to make the tought decision required to survive the worst economic downturn in our history. Today Gilroy is financially once of the strongest cities in Santa Clara County with healthy reserves.

Going forward, my goals for Gilroy continue to be maintaining fiscal health, revitalizing our downtown, strongly supporting our schools, renovating the Arts center, supporting economic development to provide a wide range of job opportunities for our citizens, along with ensuring that new growth will not negatively impact our schools, police and fire services. I am honored to serve you and respectfully ask for your vote.  


Perry Woodward, Gilroy City Councilman

My great-great-grandparents settled in Gilroy in the 1800s and, other than while on active duty with the U.S. Navy, I have lived her my whole life. After graduating Glen View Elementary, South Valley, and Gilroy High, I graduated from Gavilan College (A.A., Real Estate 1991) and U.C. Santa Cruz (B.A. Economics 1993), and earned a law degree from Santa Clara University in 1996. 

Since 2002, I have been a partner with Terra Law LLP, a respected Silicon Valley firm, and served many years as a temporary judge with the Santa Clara County Superior Court. I bring expertise to the Council’s frequent and difficult legal issues. 

During my time on the Council (2007-2012), I have worked to balance the budget despite tough times), while raising awareness about the $36 million-plus pension liability facing us. As the author of the Gilroy Open Government Ordinance, I remain committed to transparency. 

As a husband and father of two young girls (ages 6 and 4), I want for my family what you want for yours. As a fourth-generation Gilroyan, I am focused on the long-term health and prosperity of our diverse community. My website is I respectfully request your vote. 




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