THIS WEEK’S POLL: Do you believe the opposition to the proposal to build a mosque in San Martin is largely based on anti-Islamic sentiment?

• This is not anti-Islamic sentiment, but a yes to the efforts to control terrorism. The proposed Cordoba Center is San Martin is a name similar to the Cordoba House used during the initial proposal for the Mosque in the NYC 9/11 area. This NYC project is now titled Park 51. Cordoba House is project initiated by Cordoba initiative run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who is a supporter of Sharia Law. Rauf also said he put up his own money to purchase/lease the buildings to be used for the Cordoba House. The August 21, 2010 article from the Canada Free Press, Background of Cordoba House/Park 51 New York mosque revealed on radio show brings forth interesting links that groups who funded Rual support terrorism such as Iran and the Saudis. The San Martin Cordoba project has links to the Cordoba initiative if only by their name and has funding links to CAIR, known supporter of terrorism.I do not feel the Cordoba project is good or safe for our neighborhood. • Unfortunately, I do. It’s very disappointing. • Yes. Very sad, especially when you consider Sal Aktar and Hamby Abass are part of the Mosque plan leadership. They are two of the nicest people you ever want to meet. If you hurt one American, you hurt all Americans. I am impressed that the County Planning Commission views this project as worthy to proceed.  Hopefully the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will have the same opinion. • Sadly yes, the reasons of those in opposition seem shallow. • Yes, I believe that it is mostly anti-Islamic. However, there are some concerns about the area where they are proposing to build and ground water issues. • Yes. As much as I would like to believe we are a tolerant society, the truth is we are not. Especially when it comes to Islam. • I think it is largely based on ignorance and emotion. There may be some validity to traffic, drainage, ingress/egress or general use of the property, but those things should be addressed by the county and mitigated by the applicant. I would lean toward more of a land use issue that needs to be thought through more thoroughly. • Unfortunately, yes. Too many Americans have closed minds about Islamic people and their beliefs. • Yes. And a lot of misunderstanding as well. • No, not entirely. It seems that there are a variety of reasons why people are questioning the project. That said, there would probably be less opposition to the project if it were a Baptist church. Many boutique cities around California have prevented fast food, big box and national chains from setting up in their downtowns because they argued the large corporations did not correspond with the local theme and were a threat to local business. Inevitably, members of the mosque will probably get their building. However, just because some San Martin Residences are nervous, uncomfortable and/or threatened by having a mosque in their neighborhood, does not mean they are anti-Islam. • Who do these xenophobes think they’re fooling. To state that their opposition is based upon water quality issues highlights their own ignorance. This brand of religious intolerance borders of fascism. Be carful what you ask for religious zealots. Your religion could be next!

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