Gavilan now offering certificate of achievement in personal fitness training

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Gavilan College is now offering a certificate of achievement for personal fitness training in the area of kinesiology and athletics. Upon completion of this certificate, students will be prepared to enter the workforce or to pursue a bachelors degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in health and wellness, or as an exercise and fitness specialist. 

The certificate requires the successful completion of 18 to 19 units, consisting of Survey of Anatomy & Physiology; Intro to Athletic Training; CPR or outside certification (such as the American Red Cross); Concepts/Program Design of Strength/Cardiovascular Fitness; Assessment of Fitness Techniques; and one elective including Nutrition or Health Education.

Students may begin the program in Fall 2012, and may apply required classes that have already been completed to this certificate program.

The Gavilan College Kinesiology and Athletics Department continues to grow and develop, providing structured, comprehensive and professional programs for students to prepare for higher education and careers in the health and fitness industry, according to a press release. 

By completing this program, students will be prepared to pursue numerous careers in the health and fitness industry. They will gain industry knowledge, develop marketable skills, receive up-to-date, theoretical and technical knowledge regarding exercise science, fitness assessment, exercise prescription, program design/implementation, fitness and sport, nutrition, injury prevention, exercise physiology and lifestyle/behavior modification.

Students will begin to prepare for transfer to public and private four-year institutions where they may pursue a higher education in related health fields such as exercise physiology, sports medicine, nursing, athletic training and health and wellness. Students will be able to build a solid foundation and be well prepared to pursue additional certifications through national organizations such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

The Kinesiology and Athletics Department provides opportunities for students to participate in activity classes, pursue a professional career and compete in intercollegiate athletics. A variety of activity courses are offered to meet the interest and needs of all students as they fulfill the general education requirements, kinesiology graduation requirements, certificate requirements or their desire to maintain lifetime fitness.

The study of kinesiology prepares students for professional fields including teaching, coaching, athletic training, physical therapy, exercise physiology, motor learning, sports management, sports psychology and personal fitness training. Potential employers include educational institutions, commercial health clubs, private/public fitness and sports centers, recreation departments and sports teams.

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