FOOTBALL: Anchorpoint Christian will not field team this season

In its first five seasons, the Anchorpoint Christian High School 8-man football team did a lot of winning – four outright league titles and a shared crown its rewards for that.

The Warriors will not add to that in 2012.

After the departure of the only head coach it has known, program architect KC Adams, who is now an assistant at Gavilan College, the window of opportunity to fill the void closed too quickly.

Because of that, Anchorpoint will not field a team this season, the school’s president Steve White confirmed Tuesday. It’s a hiatus that he believes will last just one season.

“We were not able to find a replacement coach in time,” White wrote in an email. “Football is unique in that it requires not only a head coach but a staff of coaches to direct the various offensive, defensive and special team components. The entire staff would have had to be assembled by early July in order for us to open practice in August.

“We are disappointed, but are optimistic that we can have a new coach hired by this coming spring so that we can field a team in 2013.”

The Warriors ransacked the area 8-man circuit for five years, building a reputation as the team to beat. And most couldn’t. Anchorpoint lost just one time in league play, going 20 games before suffering that first defeat.

White said interest in football was still high, and that those students, who also play basketball and baseball for the school, will shift focus to those sports in the meantime.

“Our sports program continues to be an essential part of our school as we believe there are many important life skills that are learned through participation in team sports,” White added.

So that it “stays in shape,” Anchorpoint’s football equipment is on loan at Christopher High.

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