If you had a budget choice between hiring more police officers and expanding recreation and youth programs, which would it be?

• Expand youth and rec programs. We need to get use to making due with

less if Gilroy is to avoid the inevitable collapse of our unsustainable

public pension system. However, I believe we need to reduce the number

of firefighters before we consider reductions in police. • So, expand youth and rec programs. Our youth is our future.  If we help raise responsible people until adulthood, maybe they will not be in line to “interact” with the police in the future. The police department is well paid and must work a schedule to patrol and protect Gilroy. • If we are thinking systemically, then avoiding the need for policing in the first place is a better tactic in building a healthy community. Youth and recreation programs create opportunity and outlets for our young people, which helps them avoid getting into gangs and trouble predicated by boredom and lack of options. • I would expand recreation programs. It is proven that rec programs are an effective way to prevent crime in the first place. That said, I would ask that expansion of rec programs was not only targeted at deterring crime. I would like the funds to work toward improving the quality of Gilroy. Trails, bike paths, sports programs, parks … • Expand youth programs, put the money towards a rec center or early Gang Intervention Programs!n Expand youth and rec programs which reduce the need for more police

officers. These programs add to our marketability as a town and deepen our senses of pride and community which, in fact, make this a better and safer place to live. • First inclination would be to see how to allocate some to both. But I would have to know why we need more police and what the youth program is that needs to be added. No on both till the explanation is made. • Neither. I would not hire police and certainly not expand recreation and youth programs. These categories of expenditures are mutually exclusive. I would, however, in the interest of expanding safety, research contracting with the Santa Clara Sheriffs department to augment our city police. We would be spending up to the $226,000 the article pegs as the amount, but not incur the burden of health and worst of all pensions. We need to make a change in Gilroy as to how public safety continues to financially bring the city to its knees. The cost of this line item is equal to about 75% of the city budget. • Expand youth and Rec programs. Like Grandma used to say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” • Hire more officers. As much as I would like additional rec programs, if our streets are not safe, nothing else matters. If anything we need crime prevention programs, educate the youth.

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