Council voted to rezone 26 acres as ‘high density’

City Council voted 7-0 Monday night to rezone certain sections of the city to “high density residential” in order to meet state requirements of low-income housing.

The decision was voted on in a cluster of other city business, so no discussion took place. 

Twenty-six acres within the city were rezoned to high density, raising the minimum unit per acre from 16 to 20 in these areas.

Areas the City rezoned as high density include empty parcels in on First Street near Santa Teresa Boulevard, a lot on Santa Teresa Boulevard near Third Street, a parcel on Wren Avenue near Welburn Avenue, a lot on Church Street near Welburn Avenue, property in various places on Monterey Street, lots near Chestnut and Tenth streets and a lot on Thomas Road.

Also during Monday’s meeting, Council voted 7-0 to approve a $225,810 federal grant for the purchase of seven new cardiac monitors for the Gilroy Fire Department. The City must match 10 percent of the grant funds in the amount of $25,090.

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