GOLF TIPS: Driving ranges are a building block

Bruce Lewis

“Everything on the golf range is set up for success. On the golf course, everything is set up to test you,” pro golfer Jim Flick once said.

Many golfers don’t know why they hit their drives on the range so well and then miss the fairway off the first tee.

Most driving ranges are several fairways wide, so golfers tend to be happy when the ball lands somewhere on the range. But this doesn’t mean they are shooting accurately.

Next time on the range, use two targets to create a “fairway.” This will help you focus your practice with your driver. You can also practice a level stance and lies by using the range mats.

But neither of these lies on the range are similar to the golf course. With side-hill lies and less-than-perfect lies on the course at times, try to create more realistic lies on the range to help you prepare for the golf course.

Finally, remember the range is where you work on your game and the golf course is where you trust your game.

Look Out For Sucker Shots

They say a sucker is born every minute and there are fair share on the golf course.

I wish I had a dollar for every golfer suckered into going for the tucked flag on the corner of the green or how about a buck for every tee shot that hits a big trees on the corner of the fairway?

Golf courses are designed to have challenging shots and sucker shots. We need to know the difference. Always check to see if there is room for error or if the advantage is worth the risk. The best location to check the way to play a hole is looking from behind the green toward the fairway.

Play every hole safe the first time and plan your strategy for the next round. For more help understanding course strategy and game management come see one of our local teaching golf professionals.

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