2012 Trail Trials gallop to Gilroy

The six members of the Gilroy Police Mounted Enforcement Unit

The 2012 Trail Trials Sensory Training and Memorial Competition, an annual event hosted by the California Mounted Officers Association in honor of its fallen mounties and equine partners, is coming to the Garlic Capital this month. The Gilroy Police Department is co-hosting the event along with the California Mounted Officers Association (CMOA).

The competition, which is open to mounties, volunteers and civilians and will include 100 riders maximum, will take place beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 13 at Christmas Hill Park, located at 7049 Miller Avenue in Gilroy. The event is family-friendly and will feature a barbecue dinner for $15, along with a raffle that benefits the GPD and CMOA.

“This event brings mounted officers from all over the state together to compete on an obstacle course,” explained Denise Jungling, a local member of Friends of the Mounted Unit. “It’s a great event with proceeds going to the nonprofit CMOA, which is dedicated to preserving the mounted unit and bringing them together.”

The Trail Trials Sensory Training and Competition is a trail course consisting of challenging sensory objects designed to test the tactics and skills of the mounted police officer and the law enforcement mounted volunteer, and his/her mount, as well as the riding public. The course is designed to build confidence for the rider and the equine partner. Law enforcement mounted units may compete as a team (four riders maximum) representing their agency, or on an individual basis. 

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