GilPAC announces candidate endorsements

Gilroy Political Action Committee, a group of local business owners affiliated with the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce announced Tuesday they are endorsing water district board member Don Gage for mayor, praising his “depth and breadth” of business experience. 

“His desires to reduce fees and focus on bolstering and expanding existing businesses and growth in commercial and manufacturing are spot on,” a GilPAC press release read.

GilPAC also endorsed “business-friendly” candidates for City Council, and have put their money (literally) on current Councilman Perry Woodward, Councilwoman Cat Tucker and Terri Aulman, planning commissioner chair. 

Tucker and Woodward are worthy of re-election, GilPAC agreed, because of their proven track record in their current positions for pro-business leadership. Gilroy “political newcomer” Aulman won GilPAC’s endorsement because of her “common sense” and “grit,” from her 30-year career at IBM.

GilPAC sent $250 to each candidate (both Council and mayoral), which is the maximum donation outlined by the City of Gilroy election code. 

The committee also plans to put money toward a bulk mailer that will go to Gilroy voters, highlighting their chosen candidates.

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