Letters: Obama not competent, strong opinions on Social Security, Medicare

Obama is not competent or a leader

Dear Editor,
I continue to ask for thinking, reflection, and a look at history when voters make a choice for president this year. Each time we get to vote for someone we are hiring someone to represent us as a public servant. For me people that represent me should believe in free markets, a judicial system that operates on rule of law, a constitution that outlines rule of law, a press that zealously protects freedom of speech and liberty for individuals codified in the ten amendments.
I also ask that voters do not treat politics like their treat ball teams. I am a republican and have been a republican for many since I first registered. However, I am also a conservative and have listed the principles that I expect politicians to deliver. In the last election I did not vote for John McCain and certainly not Barack Obama. I was just finally fed up with politics, politicians, parties, and the federal government. I told someone it was like you had to pick your poison. I honor and respect John McCain’s service and bravery. However, he is a big government, government knows all politician. I did not see that as a choice. I am sure there were many that felt the same and in some part that did not help John McCain.
We as voters are like employers that have to judge the job someone has done and choose someone to do the job. Obama’s record is clear. He is not competent, a leader, or has he fulfilled his promises. The Affordable Care Act has not lowered health care cost and when implemented it will cost even more. He has added crushing debt that all Americans will be burdened with for generations. He has created a larger more intrusive government. His foreign policy is clearly a disaster. All of this confirms what I knew he would be as president and I believe a second term will be even worse.
Romney has committed to the principles that I as a voter want. The record of the last four years should be enough for a change. If that change occurs and Romney is elected then he needs to be held accountable.  If he really believes in the principles that he has committed to then he has a lot of work to do. Some of the work that he will have to do will not be popular with his own party.  I will be paying attention and will demand that he live up to his promises. If he does not I will not continue to support him and vote for someone else.
Mike Brusa, Gilroy

Social security is not an entitlement
Dear Editor,
I would like to address three issues that letter writers addressed, welfare (entitlements), taxes and guns.
First the issue of Entitlements.  Here are some Welfare facts from the Testimony before the House & Ways & Means Committee on Human Resources.  1) in an “average” year, about one-half of the AFDC caseload leaves the welfare rolls. 2) The majority of families who leave the welfare system do so after a relatively short period of time — about half leave within a year; 70% within 2 years and almost 90% within five years. For each tax dollar you pay, 7.5 cents  goes to fund it.
The majority are NOT “welfare queens” or “bums”or “leeches”.  They are people who needed a little help when hard times hit.
Also, I would like to mention that Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements.  You and your employer paid for your SS to help fund your retirement. SS is NOT going broke, the problem is that Government keeps borrowing from this fund. And the reason Republicans want to privatize it is so that they don’t have to pay you back, in addition to giving Wall Street new gambling money, your SS money!
SS has NOT contributed one nickel to our deficit or national debt.
Romney is running on his business expertise and yet won’t release his tax returns. It’s raised a lot of questions because obviously he’s not interested in being transparent, as there are questionable disclosures missing and funds that appear on one and not another, funds of millions of dollars not just a few cents.  Then there are the international financial dealings, like the funding of Bain with El Salvador death squad money, that killed Archbishop Romero, Jesuit Priests and Nuns and over 75,000 people.
Since Republicans run on a Pro Life platform I’d like total transparency on these issues.
I would also like him to explain loopholes for the rich, offshoring of money to avoid paying taxes.
Finally the subject of guns; far too many gun owners treat guns as if they are religious idols, and they fear their idols will be taken away by “Liberals”. It will never happen. Liberals own guns too and are quite aware of the 2nd Amendment. But why anyone  would find it necessary to have arsenals of war type rifles that shoot up to a hundred rounds at a time is beyond comprehension.
But if you insist in owning guns, regardless which type, then I would suggest they be regulated just as are automobiles. Title and tag at each point of sale, training, written test, practical test, health requirements , liability insurance on each gun, renewals and inspections at intervals. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  
Mary J. Silva, Gilroy

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