Intero Foundation awards MH Raiders football and cheer with $7,000 grant

Leilah Clarke, Aliyah Clarke, Yessenia De La Torre, Emily Evans, Paris Ventura, Taylor Jenks, Kaitlyn Godwin, Gianna Knopf, Kayla Reinke, Veronica Venegas and Marla Altamirano. Intero foundation Cathy Jackson is on left with  Kelly Dunham Raiders board me

The Morgan Hill Raiders Football and Cheer program was awarded a $7,000 grant by the Intero Foundation Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Morgan Hill Sports Complex. The Intero Foundation is a non-profit organization that has raised more than $2 million to benefit children.

The Challenger Cheer Team is for individuals with special needs from ages 5-15 who are interested in joining our cheer family. Currently we have two members participating on the Challenger Cheer Team: Nessa Davis and Nicole Higgerson. The Morgan Hill Raiders will use a portion of this grant to build the challenger team for next season. Please contact Rich Phillips at [email protected] for more information about the Morgan Hill Raiders Football and Cheer program.

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