Q & A with Cat Tucker

Councilwoman Cat Tucker

Why are you running?
Gilroy is my home and I love this community, I want to continue the work that has been started on downtown, the art center and other programs such as economic development and Discover Gilroy.
What are your three priorities?
Fiscal Responsibility: Maintain a balanced budget. Economic Development: Support EDC and bringing jobs to Gilroy. Community/Planned growth: Support infill development and planned growth to achieve attainable housing. Support schools along with community art programs.
What is your opinion of the current relationship between City Council and City Administration?
The relationship is much better, I believe there is mutual trust and respect, but Council still needs to be watchful and make sure our priorities are followed.
Are there further pension reforms the city should do? If so, what?  
I think we have done an excellent job at the first phase, more should be looked into but I am not sure what, we should wait to see what other jurisdictions are doing. I am not in favor of taking people’s pensions away, but changing the program for new hires.
Is there an ongoing or specific one-time city expenditure you believe is wasteful?
No. We have cut the expenses to the bone, we need to provide resources to enable our city services to be efficient.
Do you think Gilroy has a self-esteem problem?
No, not really…this is a diverse community and people have different priorities but they are still prideful.
Gilroy has the highest unemployment rate in the county. What role does the Council play in ameliorating that?  
Work towards bringing jobs to our community and continue to support economic development.
What volunteer activities are you involved in?
The Garlic Festival Refreshments Chair, St. Mary youth group Mexico Mission, St. Mary Pastoral Council and other St. Mary activities.
What are two of your favorite movies? Why?  
No favorites…I enjoy all genres of movies…from old classics (”Gone with the Wind”) to “Star Wars,” to “Dirty Harry” to “Pride and Prejudice” to “Harry Potter” along with current movies such as” Looper.”
Should the City Council have supported the Gilroy Unified School District’s effort to place a sales tax measure on the ballot? 

Is the City solely responsible to fix all the buckling sidewalks in Gilroy?
No, we can’t afford it….it must be a joint responsibility…but the current program is working well. The City pays for Curb and gutter replacement and 50% of the sidewalk while the home owner pays the other 50%.  But we should put policies in place to stop it from being a continuous cycle.
Special incumbent question: As an incumbent, what is the best decision and worst decision you’ve made in your time on City Council?   
Of course we all can look back and think how things could have been better, I try to learn and move on.  I think the worst decision was giving the raises to the City Manager and City Clerk back in 2009. We were trying to treat them the same as the other city staff who had received their raises before we did the layoffs.  That was a mistake; we should have used them as an example to the rest of the staff.  
The best decision is working hard to maintain a balanced budget and insisting on having a quarterly financial review.

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