Hail yes, and what’s up with the price of gas in California?

Holy mackinoly, haven’t seen nickel-sized hail pepper Gilroy like that which appeared early Wednesday evening since a spring Jeff Garcia Golf tournament at Eagle Ridge a number of years back that sent the golf pack scrambling for cover.
A shocker, too … go away for a vacation, come back and gas prices jump nearly a $1 a gallon. That’s not California dreamin’ … meanwhile, in Florida, gas prices dropped while Miss Jenny and I were trolling around the captivating Keys to about $3.51 a gallon. What in the heck is wrong with our not-so-Golden State? Strangulation regulation is the main problem and we have to let government officials know – from Gilroy to Sacramento – that it’s choking off our prosperity bit by bit and that overregulation will eventually kill the golden state goose.
Gooseeggs for mayoral candidate Dion Bracco when it comes to a key indicator of the political pulse – yard signs. If the drive-around-town signs are right, Don Gage is a clear mayoral race winner, followed by Peter Arellano and trailing by a whopping margin Dion Bracco …
A transistorized Gooseneck is what I would call the rigged apparatus that I’d break out for important Giants day games in the fall while in elementary school. You’d have the transistor radio in your pants pocket, the earphone wire running up your uniform sweater through the sleeves and the earpiece cradled in one hand. A turn of the head into the hand, elbow on desk, a yawn now and again and, if you could limit your emotional reactions to the game, the nuns at St. Joseph’s Elementary School wouldn’t catch on and the glorious game of baseball would come alive. As I write, the Giants’ Buster Posey has just slammed a grander giving SF a 6-0 lead in the deciding game National League Division series … could it be an historic comeback from two games to none down? If I ever own another beloved dog, he’s going to be named Buster, joining Rocco the Wonder Dog who is named after another great sport, Mr. Mediate, who shot a four-under par Thursday at CordeValle and will, hopefully, be in until the end at the Fry’s Golf Tourney this weekend.
At the recent St. Joseph’s Family Center/Sportsman’s Chef Golf Tourney at the Gilroy Golf Course, generous Gilroyans helped the cause to a net of $17,000. As Exec Direct David Cox would literally say, “Nice.”
Nice, too, will be a 4.5-mile Saturday hike from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with docent, and plant enthusiast, David Chapman, on the Mayfair Trail at Rancho Cañada del Oro in Morgan Hill. It’s offered by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. Says a PR release: “Hikers will enjoy the amber and gold colored leaves of Valley oaks, sycamores and maple trees. Hikers should dress in layers; bring water and a light snack. The group will meet in the parking lot.” As an aside, it’s worth another political look at whether Gilroy should put joining the Open Space Authority back on the ballot, and I wish we had asked the Council candidates about that but it slipped through the questions crack.
A crack in the armor appeared in Oregon State University’s march into the top 10 of the AP football poll for the first time in forever. Sean Mannion, the brilliant sophomore quarterback for the Beavers, is out indefinitely with a knee injury. Daughter Mariah sent me the bad news, meanwhile her women’s rugby 7s team recently beat perennial power Cal, so all the OSU news isn’t bad.
Bad, but soooo good some say. Haven’t been, but the new Five Guys Burgers and Fries joint just opened in Morgan Hill in the center where Chipotle and Peets Coffee is. Can’t imagine it beats out In ’N’ Out, but it’s worth a try.
Wonder how worth one try and more the huge new outlet mall in Livermore will be for those who make Gilroy’s outlets a regular stop? Prada, Armani, Coach and Kate Spade, Bloomingdales and Barneys are at the 543,000-square-foot Paragon Outlets facility. It’s high time our local mall started having a “local day” every week with discounts for the folks close to home.

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