Man barricades himself in victim’s home while on run from police

A Gilroy felon was arrested on Oct. 12 after he barricaded himself in the bedroom of a family unknown to him, allegedly threatening them with a knife and hiding in a bedroom while on the run from police. 

At about 4 p.m. on Friday, police recognized Fernando Perez, 37, driving with a suspended license in the area of West Eighth and Hanna Streets.

A GPD press release characterized Perez as someone they have had “many professional contacts” with. 

When they attempted to contact Perez, he abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot into a nearby home. A 32-year-old woman was helping her 10-year-old son with his homework, and a 14-year-old sibling was taking a shower when Perez allegedly barged in, holding what they thought was a knife. He ordered the family not to tell police he was there, and ran into a bedroom.

When GPD arrived at the home, the victims initially covered for Perez for fear of their safety. But eventually they complied and Perez was soon caught. The 10-year-old boy clung to a female for comfort when he saw Perez being escorted out of the home by police. 

The woman, according to the GPD, was so distraught by the incident that she required medical assistance to regain her composure. 

Police found Perez to be in possession of a replica firearm, a screwdriver, and contraband items that are used solely for concealing substantial amounts of narcotics. 

Perez was arrested and booked for false imprisonment, criminal threats, burglary, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license. 

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