‘Freud’s Last Session’: Insightful and meaningful

Envision meeting with the great Sigmund Freud to discuss the joy of love, the purpose of sex, the existence of God and the meaning of life. Two fine actors bring the words of Mark St. Germain to realization in this clever piece taken from Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr.’s bestselling book, “The Question of God.”

Nicholi imagined Freud in his final days, inviting a young, academic Oxford professor, C.S. Lewis (before he wrote the Narnia series), to his home in London to discuss an array of subjects. The men are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum on all areas. They gloriously, verbally fence with St. Germain’s dialogue with civil and witty delivery, although Freud is suffering pain from oral cancer. It also takes place on the day that England and France declare war on Germany.

This is an insightful, deeply meaningful story about two men who unflinchingly focus on the paramount questions of all time.

The roles of Freud and Lewis are brilliantly delivered by J. Michael Flynn and Benjamin Evett. There is an amazing chemistry between the two that is passionate and powerful and keeps the audience in the most ultimate alert state.

Steven Wrenmore directs with a sure hand that keeps the journey steady. Kent Dorsey’s set is a tribute to scenic designers. No detail is omitted from Freud’s library.

This is really well-done; it is understandable and intelligent with low-key, but magnificent performances. It is well worth the price of admission.

‘Na Lei Hula’: 21st century hula

See hula like you have never seen it before: Grass skirts and coconut bras are replaced by colorful dresses with tulle petticoats that show off the figures of the dancers just as well. Numbers like the “Little Black Dress Hula” and “(Obama’s) Birth Certificate Hula” will give you the idea of how contemporary this group is. An extremely well-coordinated group of dancers, complimented by a group of fine male dancers, make up this unique company.

If you have any love for Hula this would be a most enjoyable experience.

According to the Na Lei Hula’s press release “Na Lei Hula I Ka Wekiu’s acclaimed dance company presents hula as a full theatrical experience that blends traditional and contemporary forms of Hawaiian Dance.”

Founded in 1985 by director/kumu hula Patrick Makuakane, the company of 40 dancers is known for its unique and contemporary style called hula mua – or “hula that evolves.” The style blends traditional movements with non-Hawaiian music like opera, electronic, dance, alternative and pop. Both hula mua and authentic, traditional pieces are showcased in the company’s visually captivating stage productions.

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