Halloween Hold ‘Em at Gilroy Senior Center

Overall Champion Madeline Smith

Halloween Hold ‘Em 8 was played at the Gilroy Senior Center on Saturday Oct. 27 as part of the ongoing series of Texas Hold ‘Em events put on by the City of Gilroy Recreation Department.
These recreational events, made up of four-person teams, have raised more than $15,000 for senior, teen and youth programs within the City of  Gilroy in the past eight years. This year’s event drew a record 90 players on nine tables.
Melinda Smith of Stella’s Stars won the over-all title after five hours of play. Jeff House earned the men’s title, as well as captaining team champion ‘Poop Deck’ along with Daniel Steingrimsson, Nate Levine and Ken Linde.

Super Showdown 8 will be held on Saturday Feb. 2, 2013. Further information is available at 408-846-0460.

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