Red Phone: Christmas gift for Butterfield Boulevard drivers

Red Phone

“Dear Red Phone, my question is about the Butterfield extension. How much is the cost of the extension and why did they put in an overpass for the train? Was this money from the former RDA? Thanks!”

Dear Shortcut Sam, Red Phone got in touch with City Manager Ed Tewes on this question. He said that Butterfield Boulevard extension will provide   improvements that benefit the downtown and existing industrial areas, as well opening up development opportunities for new industrial and commercial projects.

The project includes completion of the local drainage for existing development east of Butterfield Boulevard by extending the channel and connecting it to a large detention basin.  

Tewes said that there is no participation by the Santa Clara Valley Water District since the Butterfield channel is a city facility . Also a portion of the project is paid for by local storm drainage funds,.

To answer the second part of your question, the bulk of the $22 million project cost is paid by the former RDA from a bond issue intended for the project. The costs include a grade separated bridge over the Union Pacific railroad track in order to tie Butterfield into Watsonville Road at Monterey Road.

Dear reader, it looks like the Butterfield extension will be a nice Christmas present to the city of Morgan Hill this year. It’s scheduled to open for traffic Dec. 23.

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