Please dial 408 before the Giants win their next World title

It’s ridiculous and weird that you have to dial the 408 area code before dialing the number when you’re in the 408 area code.

Weird to ponder, too, but the reality is the local elections are likely already over. The shift from Election Day drama to the slow burn of absentee ballots hitting the U.S. mail has really taken the wind out of the second Tuesday in November’s sails. Maybe the next step will be vote updates every two weeks from the registrar of voters.

Vote for the 2012 World Series Champion Giants team over 2010. Such improbability, so many doubters, such great personalities and the images were absolute magic … the shattered bat hitting the ball three times in slow motion, the ball hitting the third base bag, the bunt that stayed fair. Throw in Marco Scutaro’s brilliant defensive play and clutch hitting, Hunter Pence’s bug-eyed rah, rah explosions and Sergio Romo’s pure exuberance and you have a fantastic baseball movie script for the ages. The icing on the cake: Romo’s grandfather and father growing up as Dodger fans and converting from the dark side to become Giants believers.

Believe in special holiday meals that create lasting family and friend memories. If you’re willing to splurge a little on the main attraction, head to Rocca’s Market in San Martin where there’s still a full meat counter with friendly butchers behind the counter. You can sign up for a turkey or a prime rib or a ham from the very best providers that will be delivered right on time before your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration. While you’re there pick up some fantastic local Frantoio Grove olive oil and some fresh made salsa.

Fresh-made laughs after receiving this email quoting from the satirical publication “The Onion.” As I read the story headlined “Endangered Wildlife To Be Given New Identities In Species Protection Program” I pondered the absolutely absurd Habitat Conservation Plan that the city has foolishly bought into. “SEATTLE – In an effort to protect at-risk animals from those who might wish to do them harm, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Friday it had launched a program that provides endangered species with new names and habitats to ensure their anonymity. “In order to safeguard the lives of innocent creatures and preserve the biodiversity of our nation’s ecosystems, our Species Protection Program creates entirely new identities for animals and relocates them to places where no predator or poacher will ever find them,” said service director Vincent Hill, who confirmed that the former California condor now goes under a pseudonym and, in fact, no longer lives in California.”

In Gilroy, CA the coffee shop formerly known as Sue’s is closing its doors soon. The lone interested buyer has backed out and word on the street is it’s lights out time. Meanwhile, Amaretto Boutique has moved to Monterey Street on the corner in front of the irrepressible OD’s Kitchen and I wish that First Street Coffee owners, Konni and Kassi, would buy and operate Fifth Street Coffee downtown. They know how to have fun and do it right as you can see from their Halloween picture below. In case you’re wondering, mother and daughter are dressed as characters from the TV hit “Sons of Anarchy.”

Another family that knows how to have fun and run a great business is the Vanni family at Solis Winery. If you can make it out there this weekend, the annual Wine and Cheese Fall Classic is Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the quaint Hecker Pass location. Rich Arioto, tasting room manager, selects the cheeses from the fantastic Cheese Shop in Carmel and makes the wine pairings. Delicioso – and the best deal in town.

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