Community Pulse: Should the school district spend $3 million to fix fields (copy)

Should the school district spend approximately $3 million to fix the fields and build a sports complex at Christopher High School?

  • In my opinion, absolutely NOT.
  • NO! First of all, fixing the fields and building a sports complex/stadium are two different conversations. The sports stadium is something that is always going to be wanted and needed at any new highschool. When the funds are available then, sure, build it. The school board/district however, owes the community an extensive, transparent explanation of how and why a brand new field needs to be fixed. Then, and only then, should they consider how it should be addressed. I would hate to see even one cent of Don’s incredibly generous offer go towards repairing something that easily could of, and should of been done correctly in the first place.
  • No. Keep the funds in the classroom. These students are in dire need of books and pencils.
  • The sports fields should have been included in the original construction. It wasn’t a priority then, so it should not be now. It’s the same old story – more money, more money. How about more priority, more reality check. n No. There are other needs in the district that come first. It is not a terrible burden to share the GHS field.
  • Yes. Providing it’s included in the district budget! A high school needs sports fields but not at the expense of education. Don’t understand why it wasn’t done when the school was built. Appears to me there was an awful lot of fluff put into the building aesthetics and probably why there were not funds to put in the fields. Shortsighted! 
  • No.  The school district cannot afford this expense and it is not included in the current bond. The funds will need to come from private sources such as the $1 million proposed by Don Christopher. Hopefully there are other donors who could help match this offer.
  • No. Fix the outrageous class sizes first. The priorities of the Board should be to help the students with academics first … anyone ever try to teach 27 kindergartners how to read?
  • Oh my goodness, no for the sports complex and fixing fields. The money should go towards paying the teachers!
  • Nay. I don’t even know what to say, can we let our economy recover a bit before we build fields and sports complexes?

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