The ergonomic turkey

The holiday season is a joyous time. These ergonomic cooking tips can help you stay injury free so you will enjoy the holidays even more. To avoid awkward postures, try adjusting the height of your work or the position of your hand on the cooking utensil.
Height of work: Power tasks like chopping and kneading are easier with the work lower than your elbow level. If the kitchen counter is high for you, consider moving to a lower surface like the kitchen table, first making sure the table is stable.
Hand position: Stirring food can cause awkward wrist and shoulder postures due to raising your arm up over the edge of the bowl or pot and angling your hand down toward the food. Try holding your hand in the opposite direction, with the thumb side of your hand up – and let your elbow rest closer to your body.
Use good lifting strategies when taking a turkey or other item out of the oven:
Plan the lift: (1) Prepare the destination, knowing where you’ll put the item once it’s out of the oven. (2) Clear the path, making sure there are no trip hazards such as objects, people or pets to block your way. (3) Wear sensible shoes. (4) Get help if needed.
Stand with your feet apart for a stable base.
Bend down to the oven from the hips and knees, and not from the waist or back.
Keep a good grip using sturdy potholders or mitts.
Take care to prevent hot foods and liquids from shifting in the pan.
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