4 letters: Warmth to troops, no one to blame, free health care

Make a point now to bring some warmth to Christmas for our American troops overseas
Dear Editor,
As an Operation Interdependence volunteer for several years now, I want to thank Blair Tellers for her article in Tuesday’s Times Treats for Troops drive.
I want to remind readers that with each of those 1,000 quart-sized bag of goodies, we include a hand-written letter. This personal touch means so much to our heroes and with the holidays coming, we love to send Christmas/holiday cards. We ship a month in advance, so we need these cards now.
Please bring some joy to those overseas that won’t be with family for the holidays. Letters and other goodies we pack, including hand-wipes, granola bars, peanuts, and gum can be brought on Tuesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. to: Operation Interdependence, 8401G Church St. in Gilroy (next to Juicy Burger) or contact area manager, Suzi Kugler, 847-5906 or myself, Susan Mister 848-8588.
Susan Mister, Gilroy

Now who is Mr. Obama going to blame for all that goes wrong after his re-election?
Dear Editor,
Whatever the subject over the last four years, whether it was high taxes, high gas prices, the increase in our grocery bill, the unemployment rate, the lack of respect the United States has in the world, the lack of worldwide trade that exists, the huge increase in our national debt, the huge increase in people who have been put on our welfare list – whatever the subject – all we heard from Obama supporters and President Obama himself (even to the day of election) was let’s blame it on Bush – “it’s the last president’s fault (Bush)”, “he didn’t know what he was doing.”
The saying is, “I have found the enemy and it is us.” Now we can truly say it’s the last president’s (Obama) fault … he really didn’t know what he was doing.
Erwin Boggs, Gilroy

Dear Editor,
The election is over and many people are happy with the result.  Those that have read my letter know that I am not.  The president’s campaign made the point that the job is not done.  Many of the promises that Obama made were not fulfilled.  Voters have to hold politicians accountable. In this case the voters did not.
His campaign stood on that the problems were so great that he simply did not have the time.  He blamed former President George Bush and the Republicans for the problems. He was able to convince fifty percent of the people in his argument, so be it.  Voters that voted for Mr. Obama did so with the hope that what has happened the last four years will not happen in the next four years. Hope is a poor guide – and we will see.
His approach in the last four years has not worked because it does not work.  Voters that choose the president are hoping that the approach will work.   The empirical data indicates that the results of the last four years will continue. Voters get the government they deserve and some do not.  
Even if Mitt Romney was elected I would not get the government that I want. Left or right, politicians love big intrusive government. The left loves to be in people’s pocket  and  the right loves to be in people’s bedrooms. That is why government gets bigger and people lose freedoms.
I believe in liberty, free speech, the rule of law, free markets, and the constitution. I know that Mr. Obama will not deliver on those beliefs  because he has said so.  I also know that he has plenty of partners left and right that support what we will get. Who will be blamed, what excuses will be made, and how will voters hold politicians accountable? Voters need to think about that unless voting is just about revenge.
Mike Brusa, Morgan Hill

Thankfully, President Obama won, so health care will be available for all the people
Dear Editor,
If and when this letter sees print, the election will probably be over. I hope for the sake of the country that President Obama is the victor.
But this is about Mike Brusa’s letter printed in the Nov. 2 Times. Mr. Brusa wrote his letter to show his outrage regarding the letter I wrote appearing in the Oct. 26 edition of the Times. The heading for by letter was “shock, disgust, then outrage.” Those words described my feelings after seeing the ugly anti-Obama yard display belonging to Blake Lebeck.
I understand Mr. Brusa’s letter was meant to be a slam, but he then said that I “painted a display of words.” With a talking point, summary, anecdotal flurry and then I closed with a threat. He called it “Literary Art.” Wow, after reading all that, I sure was proud of my letter! But nuts, he then went on to call Lebeck’s ugly yard display “Visual Art.” Bummer, there went my inflated opinion of myself.
Seriously, as I said in my first letter, the hangman’s noose and watermelon was Nazi-like and racist. If Mr. Brusa can’t see that, then he is as disturbed as Lebeck is.
Mr. Brusa then went on to say that my finding good in Obama’s health care bill showed my “outrageous shallow thinking,” because I only listed things that were important to me.
You’re right, I was giving my opinion on what I considered to be good parts of the bill, not writing a book. I have paid for health care my entire adult life. My last payment covering myself only was $565 for one month. Then, at the age of 65 my Social Security, Medicare and a pension from my late husband’s labor union came along to take away the burden. Thank God for labor unions and government-run Social Security and Medicare.
I am now 70. So the health care bill did not financially help me at all. But the bill is important to me because I believe that all people matter. All people should be able to see a doctor when needed. No individual should ever have to sell his or her home to pay a hospital bill as my grandfather did when, after three operations, my dear grandmother lost her long fought battle with colon cancer. The hospital bill was astronomical resulting in the insurance company canceling them. He in turn lost his home and his wife. Sad.
Another example is a friend who did not ever get a mammogram and in fact never saw a doctor because her job did not pay her enough to be able to afford health insurance. She got breast cancer. When she finally did seek health care it was too late. She’s dead.
So, to Mr. Brusa and the rest you who can afford health care, yet are selfish enough not to care about health care for those who can’t, my opinion is that you are not worth the cost of the ink that it took me to write this letter.
Carole Jones, Morgan Hill

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